Our business goal is to provide a full service heavy construction company, specializing in excavation and utility installation work for a wide variety of large and small land developments and private developers within the greater Santa Fe and Albuquerque area. The company organizational chart will consist of 100% private ownership between two existing licensed professionals currently producing complete, cost effective and timely subdivision construction projects within New Mexico’s competitive construction industry. Bryan L. Ruggles, company principal, is currently registered with Contractor Licensing Service, Inc. (CLSI) as the qualifying party on the construction license of Blueline Construction, Inc. with the following construction classifications: GS08, GF09. Brian K. McClintock, company principal, is currently registered as a licensed professional surveyor within the State(s) of New Mexico and Colorado.

Bryan L. Ruggles, with over twenty-five years of construction management experience and expertise in the New Mexico construction industry, will provide the daily site supervision and project construction management for the company’s on-going construction projects. This long-term experience, expertise, and numerous successful business connections will enhance our teams’ ability to discover potential construction problems and to discuss or provide possible construction alternatives prior to actual construction, saving substantial amounts of the precious project construction budget.

Brian K. McClintock, with over twenty years experience in the highly technical and complex operations of a New Mexico surveying company will provide the construction staking, site surveying and value engineering management and review for the company’s on-going construction projects. Holding a civil engineering degree along with a New Mexico professional surveying license will enhance the project teams’ ability to review the construction plans, to discover any potential construction problems, and to discuss any possible construction solutions with the project engineer prior to actual construction. The plans would also be reviewed electronically within an AutoCAD drawing format and compiled or “uploaded” into a highly advanced software package for all field construction staking operations, utilizing highly accurate and efficient GPS field surveying equipment.

This unique business organization will allow our daily project management and construction staking operations to be conducted in an efficient and accurate environment, confident that many problems and hurdles have been addressed prior to project inception. Costly time delays that commonly occur within other large construction companies between the field project management and the surveying sub-contractor’s field construction staking crews will virtually be eliminated with an “in-house” completely operational and fully functional surveying company. Our construction projects will have continuous surveying attention and instant field response from our professional surveying staff and crews.

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